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To my BPW sisters across the nation:

I'd like to take a minute to tell you more about an exciting new feature that just launched at  – our very own BPW Community Page!  

This interactive hub provides state federations, local organizations, as well as individuals, a wonderful opportunity to start a dialogue, voice a comment and basically share things that matter to working women across the country.

Signing up is simple and painless.  

  1. Go to homepage and click on the Register link at the bottom of the Community Login section under “Get Involved”  
  2. Fill in the required fields.
  3. When you’re finished, click “Register”.     
  4. That’s it! Your registration confirmation should be sent to you shortly at your email address.

After that, just enter your username/email and password under Community Login anytime you want to post or read about what other hardworking women are talking about.  

Here’s something more.

As a leader of your local organization, you’ll be able to offer your members a brand new way to develop national business networking and information exchange.  On a purely social level, everyone can have fun uploading pictures and sharing stories.  

But we need to spread the word!  I urge you to talk to your members and friends, forward this email and ask all to join us on the BPW Community Page.  Many of you have state conferences scheduled over the next several weeks. Please make this announcement at conference and help members sign up on the spot. Post pictures of your conference highlights as one of your first shares.  Together, we can make “Working Women Unite” a robust reality.

Thanks for your continuing support,


Roslyn Ridgeway, Chair
Board of Trustees
Business and Professional Women's Foundation  


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