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We now have three bills introduced to Ratify the ERA
in Arizona, and we need your help to get as many
legislators as possible to support it.  They are:
HCR2011 introduced by Rep. Pamela Powers-Hannley (D)
HCR2012 introduced by Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R)
SCR1011 introduced by Sen. Katie Hobbs (D)  
If your State Senator or two State Representatives are
not on this list, please call those persons and ask why
they are not supporting the ERA.
If you don’t know who your two state reps and one
senator are, you can find them
here:  or call 602-926-4236
and you will be connected to the appropriate representative.
For a list of ALL members for the HOUSE & SENATE,
with contact info go to:
 - Rep. Lela Alston (D) LD24
 - Rep. Richard Andrade (D) LD29
 - Rep. Wenona Benally (D) LD7
 - Rep. Isela Blanc (D) LD26
 - Rep. Reginald Bolding (D) LD27
 - Rep. Kelli Butler (D) LD28
 - Rep. Mark Cardenas (D) LD19
 - Rep. Heather Carter (R) LD15
 - Rep. Cesar Chavez (D) LD29
 - Rep. Ken Clark (D) LD24
 - Rep. Eric Desheenie (D) LD7
 - Rep. Kirsten Engel (D) LD10
 - Rep. Mitzi Epstein (D) LD18
 - Rep Diego Espinoza (D) LD19
 - Rep. Charlene Fernandez (D) LD4
 - Rep. Randall Friese (D) LD9
 - Rep. Rosana Gabaldon (D) LD2
 - Rep. Sally Ann Gonzales (D) LD3
 - Rep. Daniel Hernandez (D) LD2
 - Rep. Ray Martinez (D) LD30
 - Rep. Tony Navarrete (D) LD30
 - Rep. Geraldine Peten (D) LD4
 - Rep. Pamela Powers-Hannley (D) LD9
 - Rep. Rebecca Rios (D) LD27
 - Rep. Macario Saldate (D) LD3
 - Rep. Athena Salman (D) LD26
 - Rep. Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R) LD23
 - Sen. David Bradley (D) LD10
 - Sen. Sean Bowie (D) LD18
 - Sen. Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) LD3
 - Sen. Lupe Contreras (D) LD19
 - Sen. Andrea Dalessandro (D) LD2
 - Sen. Steve Farley (D) LD9
 - Sen. Katie Hobbs (D) LD24
 - Sen. Juan Mendez (D) LD26
 - Sen. Robert Meza (D) LD30
 - Sen. Catherine Miranda (D) LD27
 - Sen. Lisa Otondo (D) LD4
 - Sen. Jamescita Peshlakai (D) LD7
 - Sen. Martin Quezada (D) LD29
For updates on the progress of these bills
please follow us on Facebook at ERA Task Force AZ
Twitter @erataskforceaz 

How do I find or contact my Arizona Legislator?


  • To elevate the standards for women in business and in the professions.
  • To promote the interests of business and professional women.
  • To bring about a spirit of cooperation among business and professional women of Arizona.
  • To extend opportunities to business and professional women through education along the lines of industrial, scientific, and vocational activities.


We support a platform
which benefits women in the areas of civil rights, health, and economic equity. Issues like sexual harassment, violence against women, equal rights, and remedies, reproductive choice and access, funding for health care research for women's health care needs, glass ceiling/pay equity, and quality dependent care.

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